About Us

About Car tracking

We’re experts who are dedicated to providing a reputable forum for customers seeking outstanding and affordable tracking devices for their vehicles. Our intention is to provide key information relating to the vehicle recovery industry that will allow you to better understand the value and security that this industry provides to consumers, while also giving you the means to enjoy the best deal possible when purchasing a tracking device for your car.

To achieve this goal, we only refer to leading tracking companies that are renowned in the industry for their professionalism, service delivery and high success rate in tracking and retrieving stolen vehicles.

Our expertise is derived from many years of experience in dealing with and assessing the various service offerings in this industry. We are independently owned and not affiliated with any of the vehicle tracking systems that are mentioned on this website.

How we rate tracking companies

Our choice of car tracking companies is based on a couple of key metrics related to these companies’ performance and status within the industry. These include:

  • The quality of its tracking devices and services
  • The competency and efficiency of their staff
  • The skills, experience and effectiveness of their recovery teams
  • The company’s audited vehicle recovery rate
  • How many subscribers the company has
  • Its general reputation among the general public