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How do Car Tracking Devices Work?

These devices can either be used for Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) or Fleet Management. SVR refers to the use of vehicle tracking devices to affect the recovery of stolen cars. In this regard, the device is fitted onto your vehicle, and accurate location-based tracking then allows you to track and monitor your vehicle and subsequently contact specialised recovery teams to retrieve your car if it is stolen or hijacked. And what is Fleet management?

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Why Do I Need a Car Tracking Device?

Unfortunately, crime in South Africa is a prevailing issue and your vehicles are always vulnerable to theft or hijacking, with recent statistics from the South African Police Service indicating that over 16 000 vehicle hijackings are reported annually. Car theft is an issue that you should take very seriously, and it is important that you employ every precaution to enhance your safety and secure your beloved vehicle.

By having the security of a vehicle tracking company, you will ensure that a protector is always right by your side when you are on the road, which will allow you to take care of the things that matter the most. Tracking devices for your car will also result in you having a lower risk profile, which will lead to lower monthly car insurance premiums.

Why Cartrack is the best car tracking company around

While other tracking companies may claim that they have the means to protect and care for your vehicle, only Cartrack has the required credibility to enhance your safety, as it has an extensive national network coverage and a proven track record, with the highest audited vehicle recovery rate in South Africa.

Its highly-trained, dedicated recovery teams and 24/7 emergency control room support ensures that when a car is stolen or hijacked, it can affect a rapid response to recover the vehicle. And if the car is taken across borders, Cartrack makes use of its extensive partnership network to affect cross-border retrieval.

Cartrack also employs its own in-house staff, which ensures that there is quality control of the highest order, and allows the company to have more control of proceedings when executing theft retrieval. Customers always have peace of mind as they simply need to log in to their smartphone app to enjoy internet tracking of their vehicle’s location thanks to GPS vehicle tracking and detailed street maps that are linked to Google Earth.

Cartrack offers a variety of world-class GPS tracking devices for its customers with a host of key features and benefits:

  • Quick

    Cartrack’s dedicated recovery team and control room available 24/7 to help effect recoveries, which mean that customers can enjoy round-the-clock recovery operations for their vehicle. Further, they use GPS pinpoint positioning technology, which means that customers can locate their vehicle at any time by simply phoning the Cartrack control room.

  • Quick Silver

    Quick Silver provides a value-added upgrade for customers in comparison to Quick, as they have access to Cartrack’s newly redesigned mobile app as well as its Logbook. A Recovery Warranty up to R150 000 will also give customers further peace of mind and value.

  • Quick Gold

    This package offers even further value for customers in the form of Crash Detection. Through instant GPS positioning of their vehicles, customers can be assured of a rapid response after a vehicle accident. Even better, during an emergency, they will get Emergency Medical Assistance, with rapid ambulance transport and medical support provided. Further peace of mind is achieved thanks to Cartrack Protector, which provides customers with while Cartrack Protector is included in the package, thereby providing emergency roadside services as well as legal advice and hotel and directions advice.

  • Quick Platinum

    As Quick Platinum is Cartrack’s most comprehensive SVR package, customers can expect all the features of Quick Gold as well as added value in the form of CarWatch. This user-friendly extension of Cartrack’s mobile app allows customers to easily and conveniently detect and report any unauthorised activity with their vehicles. The best part is that customers are given a a Recovery Warranty up to R1 million, which is an offer unmatched by any other vehicle tracking company in the world.

Guaranteed Recovery

What Cartrack’s SVR packages cost:

Quick Quick Silver Quick Gold Quick Platinum
Standard Rental Option R149pm R179pm R229pm R269pm
Hardware cost R1399 R1699 R2850 R3299
Monthly Service Fee R109 R139 R189 R229

With over a million subscribers across 23 countries, Cartrack is one of the leading vehicle tracking companies in the world.